Aston Martin Updates Wings

Aston Martin's New Badge

Aston Martin is launching a new face for the brand while also celebrating the 100th anniversary of their first Grand Prix entry. The first major update to the Aston Martin marque since 2003, and only the eighth time in 109 years that there has been a significant adjustment to it, this new style should pave the way for Aston Martin’s upcoming models.

The new version of the Aston Martin wings is set to build on the reputation the company has earned with models such as the V12 Vantage and the incredible Aston Martin Valkyrie. The new design is hand-crafted in Birmingham’s jewelry district and will be put into use with the company’s next generation of sports cars.

In addition to celebrating the launch of the new Aston Martin wings, the company will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their first Grand Prix entry. The Aston Martin Aramco Cignizant F1 Team will showcase both old and new when they run the new wings as part of their team livery at the French Grand Prix, while also showing off the original button logo on the front of their cars.

Founded in 1913, Aston Martin is headquartered in Gaydon, England where it is formally known as Aston Martin Lagonda. The Lagonda brand was founded in 1899 and the two were merged in 1947 when both were purchased by Sir David Brown. More recently the company has seen significant new investments that aim to bring it back to the forefront of motorsport and begin a new era of the most advanced sports car in the world.