Final Buick Grand National for Sale at Barrett-Jackson

Buick Grand National for Sale at Barrett-Jackson

Barrett-Jackson is auctioning the very last Buick Grand National ever built in Scottsdale this month. Not only is the last Grand National built, but when it came off the factory floor it included a signature from every worker in the plant. They were all asked to sign the parts they installed and this is the only one with their signatures in existence.

Along with all of the people who built the car, it was also signed by Lloyd and Mark Reuss, presidents of GM. This was documented by GM in a video called “Black Air,” which tells the story of this car from its first day with its first owner.

Shockingly, this car has 33 miles on its odometer. We say shockingly because that’s a lot of miles to cover in a car that’s a moment in history memorialized with markers on all its parts.

The interior is covered in protective plastic on the seats, door panels, and steering wheel.

Of course this isn’t a GNX, but this is still an important car if only because of its status as the final Grand National ever built. Barrett-Jackson will be selling this 1987 Buick Grand National, Lot #1347 on Saturday, January 29 with no reserve.

Not the Only Grand National for Sale

That’s not the only Grand National on offer that day. Also available will be another 1987 Buick Grand National, that one having been used in the filming of “Fast & Furious” when it was driven by Vin Diesel.

Lastly, Lot 1422.1 should get some major attention. It’s not only a 1987 Buick Grand National, but it’s a GNX as well. One of only 547 built for the ’87 model year, it’s only covered 568 miles since new. All three of these Buicks will be on the block with no reserve, so get ready for some serious bidding!