Maserati Classiche Program Launches

Maserati Classiche will Assist Collectors

Maserati Classiche is the new department that protects and promotes the preservation and originality of the company’s automotive heritage. An exclusive assistance service – dedicated to the Brand’s customers and collectors – now also includes a process to certify authenticity.

The first road car certified by the Maserati Classiche program is a Mistral 3700, built in March 1969, with the silver Auteuil livery. This Maserati Mistral received a certificate of originality after a thorough verification of the car (with over 300 checks made), matched against all the documents held by the Historical Archive.

The Certification process is guaranteed by a committee of experts and is offered for Maserati cars that were built more than 20 years ago plus the special series, including those from the recent past such as the MC12 and the Quattroporte limited editions. Also included in the program is a maintenance service for in-house minor repairs and routine maintenance, as well as an on-demand Car Detailing service.

Alongside Collectors and Customers, the program provides a service to support the preservation of the cars and the restoration of every detail to match the original. A dedicated service plan offers owners of Classiche, Youngtimer and Speciali cars follow-up in the various stages of the maintenance or restoration work done.

Maserati Classiche - Moving Forward

The next step in the Classiche Program consists of a series of major assistance services, scheduled for 2022 and to be taken care of by Maserati itself, with the inclusion of the “Classiche” spare parts management and both assistance and support with restoration.

The primary tasks of Maserati Classiche include the manufacture of spare parts no longer available on the market, following indications taken from the original designs. The process uses the best technology there is to improve the reliability and functionality of the components, with no changes to their aesthetic appearance.

On the, new Maserati Classiche Website you can book your request for Maserati Certification of Authenticity and discover all the services and details of the programme, made especially for Trident-brand enthusiasts.