Mecum Las Vegas 2022 – Our Favorite Red Cars

Mecum Las Vegas - Flashy City, Flashy Cars

Mecum’s Las Vegas sale starts November 10 and with Vegas being such a flashy town, we figured we’d find some flashy cars that ought to fit right in on the strip. And what’s flashier than red? Maybe a bright yellow, on the right car, or BMW’s Techno Violet, but red works for us so these are our favorite red cars set to cross the auction block at Mecum in Las Vegas this week.

We’ve always been a fan of “R” Code Fords. The ’63 Galaxie really puts the package together with styling and the 427 CI engine with dual quads mated to a 4-speed Top Loader with floor shift. This example has benefited from a comprehensive restoration and is a showstopper!

A ’69 Mustang Convertible! And it has the 428 Cobra Jet V-8 under the hood. With a C-6 automatic transmission. Red with red interior. And it comes with a copy of the original window sticker and has been through a rotisserie restoration!

The first of the high wing Chrysler cars! Only 503 Daytona’s were produced in 1969, the first year of production. Featuring the 440/Six Pack motor (375 HP) mated to a four-speed manual transmission with a 3.54 real axle, this winged warrior will sound and go great wherever you take it! Sure, it might be closer to orange than bright red, but it’s still looking fresh from a 2016 full restoration.

Mid-Engine V-12 making over 500 HP in a car that looks like no other! Five-speed manual transmission and a top speed of over 200 MPH is a winning combination. The styling of these Italian supercars has aged very well. In our opinion, these are about to make a move upward in the market with the combination of performance, looks and rarity.

We love the lines of the ’69 GTO and it looks terrific as a convertible with the white top. The red interior is outstanding. Rebuilt power train with an automatic transmission and power steering and power brakes will let you cruise in comfort to any car show or event. Plus, it features air conditioning!

A big block Corvette convertible! Matching numbers 427 CI / 425 HP V-8 mated to a 4-speed manual transmission will keep you smiling with every shift over every mile of road. Benefits from a lot of freshening of the interior and a detailed undercarriage and engine compartment. Odometer shows less than 50,000 miles. Find some Beach Boys tunes on the AM/FM and cruise!

Second year of Corvette production and first year you could get one in a color other than white. Powered by a 235 CI Blue Flame six-cylinder with three carburetors. Automatic transmission and an AM radio complete the option list. Ready to head to RT 66!

Under the hood is the 454 CI V-8 making 360 HP mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. Bucket seats to hold you in place while the right foot gets planted to the floor. Power steering and brakes to help once the power gets to the road. The definition of the term “muscle car”!

The 3000GT (and its sister, the Dodge Stealth) combined Chrysler design with Japanese engineering. A limited number were offered as all-wheel drive convertibles with an electrically operated retractable hard top. The top of the line is featured here with a twin turbo 24 valve V-6 3.0 Liter engine making 320 HP and 315 LB FT of torque. Mated to a six-speed transmission it will give you great performance and handling. Wall poster material for anyone under the age of 40!

5.4 Liter supercharged V-8 making 500 HP and 480 LB FT of torque and a six-speed manual transmission. We’re talking 12.8 second quarter mile times at 112 MPH. Making this the faster than any Shelby Mustang of the 1960’s! Plus, power seats, air-conditioning, killer sound system, Brembo brakes and ABS! And the top goes down so the wind can go through your hair while you work on your quarter mile times! Original window sticker included.