Support the Shelby American Automobile Club

The Shelby American Automobile Club was founded in 1975 with dedication to preserving, caring for, and documenting the history of world championship winning cars from Shelby American, as well as cars inspired by them from 1962 through today. SAAC is an organization dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of Carroll Shelby’s group of miscreants and their underdog story that is open to everyone – owning a Shelby is not required to join.

The SAAC has helped share the stories of Shelby American cars since its founding in 1975 and has been instrumental in sharing the passion for all things Shelby-related from the comparatively small number of Shelby owners in the 1970s to the general public today, many of whom learned a lot from the recent Ford vs Ferrari movie.

An online magazine, The Shelby American – which was first published in print-format in 1976 – helps the SAAC keep every member up to date on the latest and most significant news in the Shelby world. The four quarterly issues are compiled and printed as an Annual each year and shipped to every member. SAAC also maintains a publicly accessible online forum that was started in 2007 and is the perfect place for enthusiasts to fact-check their cars and get to know other Shelby fans.

An annual convention is help each year, the first one having taken place in 1976, at varying locations around the country and has seen upwards of 5,000 attendees. Recent years have seen an uptick in the number of Shelby trucks joining the fun, offering collectors and enthusiasts from all ages a chance to bond over their common passion for all things Shelby.

Right now a fundraiser is being held for the SAAC and proceeds from it will help fund the Shelby American Automobile Club moving forward. Donations will also provide entry into a drawing for a new Centennial Edition 2023 Supercharged Shelby Mustang and by using the code WORTH or simply following our link you can earn 30% more entries from your donation. It’s a great opportunity to join the Shelby world of today by helping preserve the Shelby story from the very beginning for future generations!