Bentley Heritage Garage Opening

Bentley Showcases Heritage Collection

Part of the continued improvements made to the Bentley factory in Crewe has lead to the opening of the new Heritage Garage. Standing in part of the original Bentley factory site, the Heritage Garage is now home to some of the most important Bentley models in the company’s 103 year history.

This marks the first time that the Bentley Heritage Collection has been stored on the Bentley campus. The Collection has expanded significantly in the past 18 months and now showcases the company’s entire history.

Guest at the Heritage Garage will be able to see a complete chain of Bentley production models, all of which are kept in proper running order and remain road legal. Currently the Heritage Garage will house 22 cars from the Collection, which is comprised of a total of 42 cars.

In addition to the street legal cars on display, the eight race cars that include Speed 8s, Pikes Peak cars, and GT3 racers will form a separate display.

Visitors to Bentley’s factory in Crewe will have the opportunity to view this collection and, over time, the rest of the Heritage Collection as Bentley continues to upgrade their facilities. We think it’s likely worth the trip!