Bring a Trailer Tops Car Auction Market

Bring a Trailer, the well-known auction platform, had an extremely successful year in 2021, setting a news sales record in both the number of vehicles sold as well as their total value. BaT held 21,349 auctions in 2021 with 17,846 of them selling for a total of $828,000,000 in sales. That was a 108% increase over 2020.

According to Bring a Trailer’s own research of publicly available auction results, this past year makes Bring a Trailer the top auction for collector cars.

“With the changing times of what is considered a classic or collector car, Bring a Trailer has become more relevant than ever with our breadth of auctions and valuation trend data to back it up,” said co-founder and president Randy Nonnenberg. “The expansion of the BaT community, our low fees, and the ever-increasing visibility of our online listings is what has fueled such growth. Our team has done an amazing job of maintaining our trademark quality and a high sale rate, even at this scale.”

Bring a Trailer was founded in 2007 and is a community-driven auction site with more than 700,000 members who provide feedback on auctions, helping each other bid with confidence. They also make all their sales data publicly available and searchable which likely helps first-time buyers feel more assured when getting into the collector car hobby.

In addition to the standard auctions, Bring a Trailer also holds charity sales and raised more than $2,000,000 in sales and donated listing fees in 2021.

We’re excited to see what Bring a Trailer does in 2022, especially with the upcoming launch of The Market by Bonhams, a direct competitor.