Bugatti Centodieci Production Starting Soon

Bugatti Centodieci - Throwback to the EB110

Bugatti‘s next coach built car is being tested to extremes its future owners will likely never reach behind the wheel of their €8,000,000 hypercar – and that’s a base price of €8,000,000 so there’s no telling what some of these may end up costing after whatever custom finishes and modifications requested are applied. The Centodieci pays tribute to Bugatti’s EB110, at the time a stunningly unique performance car with its 3.5L V12 loaded with four turbochargers that delivered power to an all-wheel drive system under a carbon-fiber monocoque. The similarities are easy enough to see, at least cosmetically – if the Centodieci doesn’t look like a modern take on the styling of the EB110 then we don’t know what would!

Bugatti is putting just as much effort into testing the new hypercar as they do for any other model they produce, even though only ten examples of the Bugatti Centodieci will be built. Months have been spent with test drivers on tracks, highways, and even city streets, racking up more than 50,000 km on the prototype Centodieci.

50,000 km of Testing

A team of three drivers have been rotating shifts day and night at all speeds – maxed out on a track at 380 km/h, down to stop-and-go traffic one might encounter on a morning commute. Every single slight anomaly is being noted by the drivers and analyzed by the engineers to ensure that, upon delivery to the ten extremely fortunate future-owners the Bugatti Centodieci lives up to the quality expected from such a storied marque.

Bugatti’s test drivers cover up to 1,200 km a day, while their engineers constantly monitor the engine and other vehicle data, making any adjustments as necessary. Carl Heilenkötter, project manager for one-off and “few-off” Bugattis said, “We assess every element on the vehicle one last time, paying particular attention to functionality and durability before the first Centodieci cars go into production.”

Heilenkötter continued, “The Centodieci is deliberately driven to its limits in order to guarantee reliable handling at the highest level, even in extreme situations. Even though most cars never enter this range, it is nonetheless tested. This is the philosophy of the brand and that is why we put such a huge amount of effort into all this testing.”

Currently the Centodieci is in the last phases of testing and once the car passes all of its tests and Bugatti engineers are satisfied that there is nothing more to improve on the car, the first of the ten examples will enter production. All ten of them are expected to be delivered to their new owners in 2022.