Collector Car Auctions to Watch

We’re always itching to find the next great deal on a collector car so we keep our eyes on different online auctions and listings. We’ve got a few cars that are listed for sale and are closing in the next few days, so these are some collector car auctions to watch while we all wait for the RM Sotheby’s at Hershey!

The E36 M3 is in a bit of a rough place. It’s not as nimble as the E30, and not as fast as the E46 that followed, but it will always hold a special place in our hearts. The E36 was unique in that it was offered as both a sedan and a coupe/convertible. And who can forget the paint offered on these? There will never be a car quite as striking as a four-door M3 in Techno Violet.

This example isn’t in that remarkable purple hue, nor is it a four-door model, but it looks to be a clean M3 and may provide a chance to get behind the wheel of an under-appreciated sports car at a reasonable price. There are three days left in the auction and the bid is at $20,777 as of this minute. Looks to us that there’s some room to go before getting outside the territory of “well-bought!”

This Defender 90 is selling today, no way around it. It has no reserve and the bid is currently $75,000. It appears to be in great shape, although the lighting and shadows in some photos make it look as though there are some dings in the exterior, but if you look closely at the more detailed photos you’ll see that it’s in pretty good shape.

This is one of fewer than 2,000 Defender 90s that Land Rover brought to the US for 1995 and the prices on these are showing no signs of dropping. Depending on mileage and condition these can get decently into the six-figure territory, although we’re not sure that this one’s mileage is low enough to warrant that high a price. But we do expect to see some bids driving it over $75,000 before the auction ends.

Ford’s new Bronco seems to be timed perfectly for this ’72 ICON BR – a Bronco that was modified by ICON 4×4 in 2015 – getting everyone excited about the Bronco brand, but – and we speak from personal experience here – the new Bronco isn’t quite what the old one was. Not to say it’s not a great truck – it’ll get you where you need to go and is solid competition for the Jeep Wrangler – but there’s something about the recipe for a classic Bronco that seems difficult to reproduce.

This has no reserve and is sitting at a bid of $175,000 with four days to go. It won’t surprise us to see the price go higher considering its apparent great condition. Maybe just tweaking an older Bronco is the right way to go?

This is what the E36 series had to live up to when it was released. The E30 M3 – a legend from new. This particular example looks very clean, although it does have 134,643 miles on its odometer. But with regular maintenance that shouldn’t be an issue in terms of reliability.

We saw this car get bid to somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 yesterday and clearly that wasn’t close to the reserve, so it’s back on the virtual auction block again. The seller has a reserve price of $89,990 listed and that’s within reason considering the median value of an E30 M3 is $98,000. Can anyone else remember when these were selling around $30,000? Or less? Wish we’d picked one (or two) up back then!