New Integra, Same as the Old Integra?

It’s hard to believe that the Acura Integra is already considered a classic car, purely by its age. They used to be all over the roads, but these days we hardly see any of them. Where’d they all go? Will we get to watch their values climb in the market as we have with other Japanese cars, such as the Skyline? It’s almost as if it’s time for a new Integra!

Time will tell regarding collectibility of the older Integras, but Acura isn’t waiting any longer to tease the new model. We don’t know everything about it just yet – in fact, we don’t know much about it at all –  but we do know it will have a hatchback design, likely a five door model. It’s unclear if there will be a three door version offered.

It’s not much to go on for now, but these teaser images are getting us pumped for the new Acura Integra!