Lamborghini Aventador Ends V12 Era

End of the Aventador

Lamborghini built their final V12-powered, naturally aspirated supercar, marking the end of an era for the brand with an Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Roadster finished in a special-order light blue that will find its new home in the Swiss market.

The Aventador was originally unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 with the model name LP 700-4. That name showcased the car’s 700 horsepower and permanent four-wheel drive, as well as the positioning of the engine in the rear of the car.

The V12 that powered the original Aventador was new for that model and was developed entirely in-house by Lamborghini, an opportunity to further showcase their mastery of the V12 engine. It represented a significant jump in performance and technology compared to previous V12 engines built by Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Since its unveiling in 2011 the Aventador has resulted in more than 8 models and saw 11,465 examples delivered worldwide. More than 10 one-off and limited editions were produced while the car became the Countach of a new generation.

The Aventador was so successful that Lamborghini sold more examples of it than all of its previous V12-powered cars combined. In the fifth year of production 5,000 examples were delivered, matching the total number of Murciélagos produced. Two years ago, in September 2020 the 10,000th Aventador was delivered.

Aventadors have been popping up at auctions in recent years, surpassing the number of Murciélagos we used to see hitting the auction blocks. With the final example of the Aventador built and delivered it’s worth taking note of the current market. It won’t surprise us to see a short-term bump in the average selling price for early examples of the Aventador, but that will likely settle in due time with the later examples – ones with more power and newer styling – becoming the targets of passionate Lamborghini collectors.