Mecum Monterey 2022 Preview

Sneak Peak at Mecum's 2022 Monterey Sale

Mecum announced some of the cars that will highlight their Monterey 2022 Auction scheduled for August 18-20. Classic pre-war, European sports cars, and supercars will cross the block at the Del Monte Golf Course.

One of the biggest highlights of the sale is expected to be a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 that was owned by the late Paul Walker of the “Fast and Furious” films. The yellow Carrera RS is one of 1,580 built and Walker even told the story of acquiring the car on “The Tonight Show” in 2011.

The Greg Dawson Marmon Sixteen Collection will be crossing the block lead by an award-winning 1931 Marmon Sixteen Convertible Coupe, the product of an eight-year restoration performed by Bill Godisak’s Sun Ray Restorations. Other Marmon Sixteens restored by Sun Ray Restorations include a 1931 Marmon Sixteen Convertible Sedan, one of an estimated ten that remain in existence, the only remaining 1931 Marmon Sixteen Limousine believed to include a roll-down privacy glass division, and one of the five remaining Marmon Sixteen Victoria Coupes.

Ferraris, Supercars, Prototypes!

A very impressive number of Ferraris will be at Mecum’s Monterey sale including a 1958 Ferrari 250 GT “Tour de France” Alloy Berlinetta and a 1990 Ferrari F40. An even more impressive group of four prototype Ferraris will be offered in Monterey that include a 2011 LaFerrari Prototype M4, a 2012 LaFerrari Prototype MP1, a 2014 LaFerrari Prototype PS1, and a 2014 Ferrari F12tdf Prototype MP4.

The 2011 LaFerrari Prototype M4 was known as the F150 Muletto M4 internally and was based on the 458 Italia F142 Platform. Its aluminum chassis was modified to house the LaFerrari drivetrain that included the first-generation Type F140FB V12 engine. Between 2011 and 2012 the Prototype M4 was used to test various mechanical components and especially for the emissions work that was key to homologation.

The 2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype MP1 was the second car in the LaFerrari family, known as the F150 Mulotipo MP1 inside Ferrari. It was equipped with the F140FD second-generation V12 as part of the prototype drivetrain that was based on the final layout. It included a prototype hybrid HY-KERS system inside a prototype body and design that is completely unique and not derived from any other Ferrari. The MP1 was used as a development platform between March 2012 and August 2013 to finalize the integration of all mechanical systems and is finished a timeless matte black paint. It currently shows 36,068 km on its odometer.

Ferrari’s 2014 LaFerrari Prototype PS1 is the third-phase prototype and known internally as the F150 Prototipe Preseries PS1. It is virtually identical to the final car with the F140FE V12 equipped with prototype components and the definitive pre-production hybrid system. Much closer to the final version of the LaFerrari, it’s finished in Rosso Corso and Matte Black. Compete with Ferrari Classiche Certification, it shows only 16,348 km on its odometer.

A 2020 McLaren Sabre with only 100 miles showing joins the Ferraris as another supercar that Mecum will offer in August. This is the 11th of only 15 McLaren Sabres that were built and is the most powerful non-hybrid road-going car McLaren has built thus far. It was designed and homologated solely for the U.S. market and features a Gorilla Glass engine cover with a carbon fiber body.

Mecum will reveal more of the consignments for their Monterey sale as it approaches. Consignments are limited to 600 entries so if you’re looking for a place to sell your car during Monterey Car Week it’s time to get in touch with Mecum and submit a Request for Position form that can be found here.