Mecum to Sell NSX Type-S in Monterey

Mecum will sell the first of only 350 NSX Type-S editions that will be built for the 2022 model year. The Type S commemorates the two generations of NSX and will be a fitting, although unfortunate end to the production run of the current NSX.

Last year to get your own NSX…

While only 350 examples will be built and sold globally, if you want one your best chance is to be in the U.S. as 300 of those are allocated for U.S. sale. But if you’ve got the giving spirit and the wallet to back it up, this is realistically your best chance to buy one as we expect the rest of the U.S. allocated cars to sell immediately.

Not only is this a chance to own the first U.S.-delivered NSX Type-S, but it’s also a chance to benefit charities, including an innovative STEAM education program for underserved youth, in partnership with the Center of Science and Industry.

This will be available on August 14, during Mecum’s daytime auction and – as with most, if not all cars sold to benefit charities at auction – we expect the price to be through the roof. But can you put a price on having VIN 001? I mean, can you put a price on STEAM education? You know what we mean.