Top Ten Gifts for Car Lovers

The Holidays Approach!

It’s that time of year – time to buy gifts for your friends and family! And, let’s be honest, maybe a gift or two for yourself… It’s in that spirit that we have put together our list of the Top Ten gifts for the automotive enthusiast in your life, even if that car lover is you. Whether someone is into 50s-era American cars, Pre-War, European sports car, JDM imports, or anything else, this list has something for everyone.

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Our Top Ten Gifts for Car Lovers and Automotive Enthusiasts

We all want our cars to pop up close, whether we’ve been driving them or just admiring them in a garage. Meguiar’s is one of our favorite brands of car care products and this kit includes pretty much everything you need to keep it as clean as possible. There’s almost nothing as gratifying as seeing your car shining in the sun after spending an afternoon washing and waxing it, and Meguiar’s has produced quality car care products for a very long time – in fact, their logo says they’ve been in the business since 1901! If that’s not enough experience then we don’t know what would be. That’s exactly why the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit is the perfect gift for the automotive enthusiast on your list.

We’re big fans of microfiber towels when it comes to quick detailing work on a classic car. Using them, along with some of the cleaner that’s in the Meguiar’s kit we mentioned above, is a great way to spot-clean your car. If you’re in a show and the car is being judged, you want it to look perfect and this pack of 12 microfiber towels should be more than enough to make sure you get any fingerprints cleaned up before the judges make it to your car. Of course, if you’re just out with your car you probably want it to look its best anyway, so we can’t recommend these highly enough. Whatever situation you, or your car loving gift recipient may find yourself in, this 12 pack of Chemical Guys Premium Microfiber Towels should do the trick.

The struggle is real! Drying your car before any water spots start appearing. Depending on the car and how many chamois you have on hand, this can get old real fast. But you know what gets a car dry real fast? This Air Force Blaster SideKick! How gratifying is it to see the water disappear from your car when you take it through a car wash? It’s perfect for anyone who washes their car!

Speaking from personal experience, Invisible Glass makes a great product and it really gets your windshield, windows, everything you have that’s glass as clear as the day it left the factory. The real benefit to the Reach and Clean Tool Combo Kit over just buying a bottle of the spray is the windshield wand and the cleaning head. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s an easier way to get those really tough corners right along the dash of your car, we can tell you there is and this is it. It’s also something we keep on hand, along with those microfiber towels, just in case we notice a spot or two on the windshield that evaded our attention earlier.

It’s not fun to think about, but even less fun to experience. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere with a dead battery in your car, so keeping this NOCO Boost Plus charged and in your glovebox is essential to making sure you have a smooth time driving, whether you’re just going into town for a cruise night or you’re hitting the road for a cross-country drive.

If you want to see all the episodes of What’s My Car Worth? then CuriosityStream is the place for you. All episodes are available to stream alongside a library of great shows and some very interesting films. Considering the amount of content on offer, the $20 per year price is more than fair, especially when we keep seeing other streaming services raising their prices.

It’s hard to make a list of the top ten gifts for any collector car enthusiast without including a subscription to Sports Car Market. It is *the* printed publication of the collector car world and covers everything from the top sales at the highest end auctions to much more affordable cars. Sign up for a Platinum subscription and you’ll get bonuses such as the annual guide to the Scottsdale auctions. Currently SCM is offering a Holiday Special that includes 14 issues for the price of 12 – 35% off the newsstand price. The first issue will arrive via first-class mail along with a price guide and a gift card so click here to get a subscription now!

The best way to avoid needing to use the NOCO Boost Plus is to keep your battery charged and properly maintained, which is exactly what this will do. This DieHard Compact Battery Charger and Maintainer has a built-in hook that makes it easy to mount, and therefore keep it off the floor, and it’s got some other tricks up its sleeve as well. If you want to know how charged your battery is, or just make sure you remembered to plug it in before you left the garage, all you need to do is open the DieHard app and you’ll get all the info you could want about your car’s battery.

You can’t drive a car without air in the tires, and this pressure gauge is one of our favorites. It’s the sort of thing that everyone hopes they’ll never need, but the moment they do they’ll curse themselves for not having it! Save yourself or your lucky recipient some trouble, and get the JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge.

The Nilight Tire Inflator is a portable air compressor that is perfect for those rare, but unavoidable moments when a tire isn’t holding its pressure. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s enough to get the pressure back up and get the car to a tire shop so they can patch it. We personally witnessed a Shelby GT350 with a slow leak in its tire and this could have gotten enough pressure in it to drive to the shop that ended up patching the tire.