Toyota GR Supra Brings the Manual Back

Toyota GR Supra Six-Speed

The 2023 Toyota GT Supra is now on sale at US-based dealerships. The GR Supra offers the very desirable option of a six-speed manual transmission. It continues the performance upgrades that are befitting of a car associated with the Toyota GAZOO Racing brand.

The manual transmission is available on the Supra 3.0 and Supra 3.0 Premium models, as well as a limited production run of 500 examples of the A91-MT Edition which is available in a matte white finish or CU Later Gray.

The 3.0 L straight-six engine produces 382 horsepower and is paired with a new large diameter clutch that’s engineered to deliver maximum performance. The transmission features new software that is designed to optimize the engine torque on upshifts and assist with rev matching for downshifts. Of course the software can be disabled for drivers who prefer to have that extra bit of control.

This new transmission option finally answers the question that so many Supra enthusiasts have been asking since the new model debuted for the 2020 model year: when will it get a manual transmission in place of the eight-speed automatic? With the addition of the six-speed manual to the GR Supra, Toyota now offers all three of the US-spec GR models with a stick shift.

Toyota went further than just sticking the new transmission in the GR Supra and calling it a day. The traction control system has been modified to better accommodate the different levels of power available when the car is in a lower gear than the automatic version. An optional feature known as “Hairpin+” is also being introduced which will allow drivers a bit more freedom when negotiating tight corners on steeper uphill inclines.

The GR Supra with a manual transmission starts at $52,500 before dealer processing and handling fees. Enthusiasts looking for a potential collectible can head to their local Toyota dealership to find out about acquiring the A91-MT Edition. It’s certainly a car we can see becoming quite desirable in the coming years.