2022 Ford GT LM Edition Ending Model Run

Ford announced the final special edition of the current-generation Ford GT. The final special edition Ford GT will be called the Ford GT LM Edition. It is intended to honor both Ford’s podium sweep in 1966 and the new Ford GT’s class win at Le Mans in 2016.

A total of 20 examples of the Ford GT LM Edition will be produced, all of which will be finished in Liquid Silver paint with a choice of red or blue details that include carbon fiber exterior trim and a driver’s seat in the respective color, taking inspiration from the race livery of the 2016 Le Mans-winning car.

A feature only available on the Ford GT LM is a titanium, 3-D printed dual-exhaust with a cyclonic design just inside, alluding to the 660 horsepower twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. The GT LM badge, placed above the exhaust will also be 3-D printed.

We’ve been seeing newer Ford GTs sell for very strong prices recently and we expect to see that trend continue with Broad Arrow Auctions‘ offering from the collection of Jim Taylor later this month. The very low production of this model should make it attractive to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Each of the GT LM Edition cars will include an instrument panel badge that is 3-D printed with elements of the driveshaft from the 2016 Ford GT that finished in third place at Le Mans. This may well be the only opportunity to own part of a competition-spec Ford GT that completed Le Mans, albeit in a commemorative way only.

The Ford GT LM Edition adds another limited edition model to Ford’s portfolio. Prior to this one, Ford built 10 extremely limited production supercars going back to the 2006 Ford GT Gulf Livery Heritage Edition and continuing through the 2022 Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition.

This model, along with the track-only Ford GT Mk II that will see only 45 examples built, is expected to see out the end of production for the current-generation Ford GT by the end of this year.