Hagerty Marketplace Holiday Auction

Hagerty Marketplace Auction Listing Fees Waived

Hagerty Marketplace is planning an online auction between December 23 and January 3, the Holiday Auction. In association with Broad Arrow Group the Hagerty Marketplace is currently seeking consignments with the benefit of a waived listing fee, saving sellers $99 per listing.

Hagerty Marketplace offers an ID-verified registration system to ensure that bidders are who they claim to be, as well as aiding with payment and transferring ownership of a car sold in one of their auctions.

Thanks to Hagerty’s acquisition of Broad Arrow Group there is a wealth of experience within the collector car market available to consignors. This offers the consignor the benefit of professional cataloguing and marketing by well-known and well-connected members of the collector car world.

Interested sellers can contact Marvin Waters II, a Car Specialist at Broad Arrow Group to learn more about listing a car with Hagerty Marketplace Auctions.