Legends of the Autobahn 2021

Another favorite event of ours during Monterey Car Week is the Legends of the Autobahn – a gathering of pretty much any German car, aside from Porsches as they’re usually at the Porsche Werks Reunion.

We thought we’d keep this simple and just share a gallery of photos with you that highlight some of the really cool Legends of the Autobahn.

First up, we’ve got a the obligatory Audi photos.

Next up, we’ve got the always-awesome BMW 8-series. I believe this was an 850CSi.

BMW 8-series at Legends of the Autobahn 2021

We also got to see a couple very nice Mercedes-Benz R107s.

Also on hand was this Mercedes-Benz 190E with the 2.3 liter engine.

Back in the world of Bavaria we found a BMW M4 GT3 as well as a BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

And last, but certainly not least, no Legends of the Autobahn would be complete without an E30 BMW M3.